HORT 321 Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetable All Notes


HORT-321 Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables 2(1+1)


Importance of post-harvest processing of fruits and vegetables, extent and possible causes of post-harvest losses; Pre-harvest factors affecting postharvest quality, maturity, ripening, and changes occurring during ripening; Respiration and factors affecting respiration rate; Maturity indices, Harvesting and field handling; Storage (ZECC, cold storage, CA, MA, and hypobaric); Value addition concept; Principles and methods of preservation; Intermediate moisture food- Jam, jelly, marmalade, preserve, candy – Concepts and Standards; Fermented and non-fermented beverages. Tomato products- Concepts and Standards; Drying/ Dehydration of fruits and vegetables – Concept and methods, osmotic drying. Canning -– Concepts and Standards, packaging of products.